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My AKB48 Gundams will be up soon but yall should know I wasn’t the first to think of this


AKB48 Iiwake Maybe Gundams

These designs are outstanding and were a motivation for mine but they are not as individualized as I think AKB48 Gundams should be.

((I lost my RP mojo TT-TT but hopefully tomorrow i’ll get back on track))

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Up or… down? Ritsuko stood in front of the mirror, with a hairbrush in one hand, and hairties in the other, as she made a face trying to decide on what shouldn’t have been such a dimemma. As Sashiko, she had worn it up, mostly as a matter of personal preference (it got in the way), but also…

Yuihan arrived at the group’s dressing room with her successor outfit but had her hair loose. She was heading towards the mirror to fix her hair and noticed someone was already sitting but she didn’t seem to care somehow, Yuihan got to the mirror and gently pushed the other member aside before looking at her through the reflexion

"Ah! gomenasai, Sashi- i mean Ritsuko- i mean…

Yuihan bowed repeatedly and apologized at the former successor for she didn’t noticed who she really was


Once the Flying Get had landed, Tsubasa wasted no time in getting ready. She stretched before changing into her first outfit and was hit with a wave of nostalgia.

She remembered being taught how to put on make up by her seniors, and how to make sure her outfit was secured properly. Acchan and her…

Yuihan could not understand why she was so nervous on this concert, perhaps it was the first time she performed outside of Akibastar, especially on the Flying Get. After walking out of the shower, she walked towards the dressing room to see a large group of girls fighting over the mirror. She snuck past them and went towards the successor outfits, there were only a few but she searched to find one with the tag ‘Yokoyama Yui’ She takes the outfit from the hanger and quickly puts it on along with her stalkings and boots. She then walked towards one of the mirrors with her hair loose, but she couldn’t help but look back at the crowd of girls fighting over the mirror probably not knowing that there are a couple of other mirrors beside them maybe it was because that one had better lighting, she sat in front of one of the mirrors to fix her hair and noticed Tsubasa sitting next to her “Ah, Tsubasa-san..or should i call you Mariko? Tehe…you know, i still can’t believe you’re performing with us, but i’m very happy and honored that i get to perform on the same stage as you” She said with a smile as she started to brush her hair


My tag is: yuihanthe7.5th

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Concert on Retrostar!


Seika was incredibly excited for the concert, but using the kirara drive made her feel queasy. She sat curled in a corner, both wishing they’d stop and wishing they’d hurry up and arrive.

Finally, the call came to make sure they were holding on to things, lest they fall over. Landing, she sighed with relief, a bit more enthusiastic now she wasn’t going to throw up her breakfast.

After an exhausting process of practicing three songs in a row, Yuihan was about to step into the showers until the Tsubasa-san made the announcement that they were going to activate the Kirara Drive “Mou…and i was just about to take a shower…” Yuihan tugged her in a corner as they activated the Kirara Drive, she let out a low grunt as she held on to a crate that was next to her for the disliked going through this, it felt almost like an earthquake. After arriving at Retrostar, Yuihan slowly got back on her feet as she was trying to recover from that little trip, she happened to notice someone in the corner, she glared her eyes a bit to see who it was “Seika-san?”